What’s under the earth we dig?

by Karl Quent


Aerial photo of QEB with our overgrown parade ground bottom centre

I’m a curious person and I enjoy learning about local history. When we were having our plots turned over with the digger, Chris Davison mentioned in an email that he couldn’t dig far enough down. I was intrigued to know why this was and what was here before we arrived with our gardening equipment. I am by no means a historian but a very keen amateur and the following article are my findings. Sorry for any historical holes or gaffs.

Ewshot common and the surrounding area were, in the 19th century, owned by the Lefroy family. In 1850’s the Crimean war and the resulting demands of the war. The Government purchased land in and around the Aldershot area including North Camp, South Camp, Long Valley, Bourley Bottom and a part of the tithing of Ewshot. Mr C. Lefroy the Lord of the Manor of Ewshot was required to sell 800 acres of common land for the troop training grounds.

Our part of Ewshot was all farm land. Three farms occupied the area including John Barnett at Christmas Farm; James Lunn at Stilliers Farm both near Ewshot Lane and Naishes Farm (Ref 2) which backed on to what is now Naishes Lane. In 1870 the farm is recorded as unoccupied and later in 1895 it was burnt down

In September 1900 Naishes Farm land was acquired and the Army started building Leipzic Barracks. Depending at where you look the spelling of Leipzig/Leipzic does change. Leipzic Barracks was later changed to Quetta Park Quarters.


Allotment site in Green with the location of Naishes Farm in Red


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