Saturday 1st August Show and Tell


How big????

Amongst the last minute arrangements for the social event on Saturday, amidst piles of printed quiz sheets and contacting mystery guests, Andy Theaker took time out to talk to our own CC-Allotments reporter.

Andy, what is the latest and what about the weather?

“I thought it would be nice if everyone attending picked something from their allotment and displayed it on the table [provided].  It would be great to show off and see just how much variety we have grown in 3 months!”

“The weather? Check out the weather forecast button near the top right of the screen. It looks as if we will have a sunny afternoon, occasional cloud but dry. Top temperature of 21° Celcius”.

Saturday 1st August 2015, from 12:00 noon. See the ‘Events’ section for details of future events…