Family BBQ Adventure

family_bbqIn June the Allotments Association received a request for permission to light a BBQ on a family plot. This sounded like a sensible proposal but it was also necessary to make sure everything was going to be safe before suggesting we could all merrily BBQ the night away. Isabelle and family agreed to test the reaction from neighbouring plot-holders and feed back the results.

Isabelle writes: “Here are T. (10) and E. (6) looking after the barbecue while Ian (in the background) gets on with some jobs. We had a lovely evening. We took everything down to the site on our bikes, and the weather was kind to us. We saw a few other tenants down there, we did ask their permission before lighting up and they did not mind at all.”

“It would be great to do it again, if the new policy allows it, and perhaps invite others along to get to know other tenants a little better.”

“Thanks again for letting us experiment. The kids really enjoyed the adventure (and so did we!)”

Your committee is working with the Parish Council to draw up a risk assessment sheet to enable plot-holders to register to hold occasional BBQs on site.

Thank you to Isabelle and family for your report. Although we still have a no BBQ policy for the site as yet, it was hoped that people could be encouraged to have BBQs [in the future] if they wished.

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Watch this space for further news.