And the winner is……

View the photo record here01/08/2015. Pleased to say it was a great day on Saturday : writes Andy.

  • Meal for 2 at the Tweseldown was won by Plot 99 – well done Chris.
  • The signed London Irish shirt was won by ticket No 24 (sorry no plot number or name on it).
  • Bottle of Cava won by Plot 90 – well done Sarah.
  • And the quiz was won by Lily and Fern who got 10 out of 10.  Very well done, but unfortunately they might have to give their prize (a bottle of Champagne) to Mum and Dad.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the treasure hunt and completed the course walking around 1 km in the process.

And the exhibits were :

  • Plot 4 :
    Runner beans, Carrots, Courgettes, Courgette cup cakes
  • Plot 26 :
    White beetroot, Yellow courgette
  • Plot 51 :
    Runner beans, Radish, Kohlrabi, Edible flowers
  • Plot 73 :
    Runner beans, Green beans, Cuddly Carrots, Baby courgettes, Sugar snap peas
  • Plot 75 :
    Lettuce, Peas
  • Plot 81 :
    Stumpy carrots, Red chard, Courgettes
  • Plot 90 :
  • Plot 91 :
  • Plot 99 :
  • Plot 101 :
    A lovely selection of homemade sausage rolls and cherry cup cakes

Not forgetting all the other contributions by people who didn’t leave their plot number.

I look forward to the next event,


View the photo. record here…