A Lot to choose for Planting in May and June

writes Matthew Chambers

There is a lot of choice for planting in May and June. Included are quick growing succession crops like lettuce, rocket, radishes, spinach and coriander as well as medium term crops such as carrots, french beans and peas that can be sown 2 or 3 times throughout the growing season. To get the timing right you should wait until the previous crop has become well established – that is when leafy crops have 4 true leaves or when peas are 5cm (2″) high and beans are 10cm (4″).
Little Maintenance
Pumpkin and squash can be planted now and are a good first year crop as they require little maintenance, take up a large area and can be stored for several months to provide lots of tasty winter dishes.

Long Cropping Season
Parsnips are easy to grow and can be left in the ground until needed giving a long cropping season over October, November, December and January. Parsnips, along with carrots, celery, parsley and celeriac are susceptible to carrot fly.

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