13th April Compost Delivery

compostA bulk load of compost was delivered Wednesday (13th).  £2/barrow load, or buy 5 for £8. All money to be paid into blue tin (which will be emptied daily) or pay direct to a committee member or via online banking.

Wood chippings remain at 50p/barrow load.
AmoneyboxYou can pay for compost, bark, manure etc by putting cash in the blue tin or giving it to a committee member. Payments can also be made by electronic bank transfer.

The society’s bank account details are as follows:

30:98:97 A/C 33246660
IBAN: GB25LOYD30989733246660

When making a payment please enter your plot number as the first part of any reference. If space allows, please add reason for payment. e.g. 123 manure 5 barrows

If you use this service, please help us monitor your payment by sending us an email with details to :