Water Shortage

The Allotments Committee has been seeking a resolution to the lack of mains water on site.
A representative of the Parish Council is scheduled to provide an update at the Wednesday 5th April 2017 committee meeting.
An underground leek has not yet been located by Thames Water which has prevented the system being re-irrigated following the winter shut-down. Several tenants have contacted committee members, rightly, worried about seedlings dying due to lack of water.
A temporary fix will see troughs filled manually during Thursday 6th April – depending on enough volunteers being present to regulate the flow. If you are able to help, please email the allotments secretary. Details at the foot of this page.

UPDATE Tuesday 11th April 2017

The troughs were filled this morning and the supply turned off again at the mains. It is hoped to top up again Tuesday evening.

This will be repeated by committee volunteers until a full repair of the serious leak has been finalised.

The good news is that the Parish Council has indicated they are engaging a contractor to find the leak and fix it.  This is imminent; “..hope to get it booked in this week.” Said a council spokesman.

Chris Davison (Secretary).