AGM 2016 Minutes

autumn15_38Allotment AGM

Date: 6th April 2016, 7.30pm

Venue: Acorn Room, Church Crookham Community Centre, Boyce Road, GU52 8AQ


Chair of Meeting Matthew Chambers (MC)

Parish Council representative Claire Inglis (CI)

Website Co-ordinator Chris Davison (CD)

No of allotment plots represented: 33 +

No of attendees: 50 approx


Agenda Item Notes

& Apologies

CI opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and introducing herself as Parish Council representative and MC as Chairman of Tenants Committee. A safety briefing was provided.
Chairman’s Report and update on progress MC provided a brief history of the site from before its inception to vibrant site that was seen at the tail end of the summer last year.


MC confirmed that the Committee have been involved in many conversations about site facilities and updated on some of the current issues:


Sheds – there is a desire from some plot holders to have sheds on their plots. There are some difficulties surrounding this because of the different size plots and proximity of some plots to each other. Currently the 1.5m applies for storage and there will be pros and cons to having sheds. There are also considerations to our neighbours who live and will live overlooking the site as the development progresses. A consultation will need to take place to look at reasons why sheds are wanted and look at a way forward.

CI confirmed that any consultation would have to involve all plot holders with a response from all and the potential for looking again at the usage of the main shed facility to improve how this works for tenants. Including corner bays, providing bays in the central floor area of the sheds. There are solutions that can be found. It is also intended to provide benches along the walkway for people to rest and shelter in bad weather.


Drainage – you will have noticed the drainage work that has been carried out along the outer boundary. Trenches were dug, laid to matting, perforated pipe laid and backfilled with gravel. The drainage has also been laid across the external footpath enabling drainage into the ditches. This will hopefully facilitate a means of tapping into the system from within the allotment site. The next few committee meetings will be to discuss where drainage should be put in within the site, setting a standard for how this will be achieved and advertising working parties to carry out the work.

CI also confirmed that TW have agreed to carry out further drainage works but until CI meets with them to discuss specifics it cannot be confirmed where this will take place.


Toilet facilities – the cost of toilets has been looked into with serviceable facilities too costly. The Community Centre is available and not far from the site and toilet facilities can be used. There is a toilet accessed from the outside of the building which will be made available to tenants with use of an access code.

CI also confirmed that conversations are still ongoing with Taylor Wimpey about facilities being made available close to or within the site facility but this is still a little while off.


Committee Activities – the committee have assisted in providing deliveries of compost, manure, wood chippings to site which are for the use of tenants for a small fee. Regular events will be held throughout the year such as the upcoming Bring & Buy Plant sale 24th April 11am until 2pm, Summer party and the Autumn show.

The committee aim to continue to recommend and seek facilities to improve the site further. This will be achieved through regular liaison with the Parish Council.

CI agreed that a good channel of communication has begun to develop between the committee and reports from those meetings are then summarised to keep the parish council informed of issues. A new grounds maintenance contract has been placed by the parish council and work is due to commence on 1st May. One of the first priorities will be to address the paths that have suffered over the winter and longer term look at different surface options going forward for those paths that have the highest amount of foot traffic whilst also incorporating further drainage solutions. This will all be dependent on resources of time and money.

Promotion of the site is also a key committee role and this will be via events such as the John Negus talk evening and visiting other allotment sites whilst welcoming other sites to visit us to share knowledge. Aldershot allotment site did visit us and commented that they are beginning to have lovely soil after being in existence for 100 years! And continuing to provide a good website which will be a topic later on in the agenda.


The committee will be joining the National Allotment Association and pooling seed purchases to achieve discounts and the website may facilitate this. The annual cost of £335 for all tenants is covered by the parish council who give back £5 per plot from the rent paid. There are other benefits to joining.


As some of you may be aware there is a vacant plot 123 which was retained to possibly find a communal area for the site. The committee has begun to take over the plot and have come up with a scheme for this with some items already purchased for the area such as picnic table and boarding to create raised beds. A grant application has also been submitted to the parish council to provide other facilities such as fruit trees, further benches and gazebo. If the grant is approved work will commence on this area and again a working party could be put together. Thanks go to Gill Case for putting the proposal together and getting the ball rolling on this project.


Finance – From the sale of bulk bought materials, parish council funds a healthy bank balance is accumulating with approx. £1200 in the bank. Money from events and grants applications will also be made to enable facilities to be improved longer term.


Committee – MC passed on his thanks to committee members who have stood down Gill Church for her role as Secretary, Gill Case for her efforts on organising events.

There have been a couple of additional volunteers to join the committee and at the next meeting the roles will be decided. If you are interested in being a committee member then please contact MC or CI.

CI also further reiterated that the commitment is what an individual wants to put into to it but the committee have been a great facilitator to liaising with the parish council and reducing the burden of 100’s of emails on a part time role which the allotment admin is only a small part. There will some challenges going forward and we would very much like the great team work to continue.


Website CD spoke on the website which has been up and running for 11 months and with a good number of visitors to the website. One area we are trying to promote at the moment is to sell advertising space and this has been fairly successful. It will provide an inexpensive way to advertise on the website and with the aim of covering the costs of running the website.

CD asked that if anyone is interested in assisting with the running of the site or would like to submit a small topic of interest to be posted then please get in touch. There is also a Twitter link and a Facebook page is coming soon so please feel free to get in touch this way.


AOB No other items were raised


Questions Clarification was sought on drainage and CI confirmed that she would not have any further information until the next meeting with TW.


CI also asked if anyone had any plot specific issues to take the opportunity to raise them with her.


Meeting closed at 8.30pm



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