Church Crookham Garden Society Sales

The Church Crookham Garden Society opens its shop on Saturday 11th February 2017 for the first time this season. 10:00 – 11:30h. Then every Saturday until 16th September 2017.

Allotment Society members will be made welcome at the sales shed in Sandy Lane (opposite the Wyvern) but to make purchases will need to join the Garden Society. The cost of membership can be recovered very quickly as most items are bought in in bulk and represent hefty savings compared with garden centres. The list of over 110 items on sale can be viewed at the society’s website

Church Crookham Garden Society Annual Subscriptions
As a Not for Profit Society these are deliberately kept low to encourage membership and participation and are currently (2017) : individual £3.00 or £5.00 per couple. Do please enrol early in the season at the sales shed and collect your new 2017 membership receipt, as your receipted membership card must be shown before purchases can be made.

Members also benefit from reduced entry to RHS Wisley and attendance at shows and other events. See the events section of the Church Crookham Garden Society website.



Bulk Seed Deliveries Arrive

seed_ordersSeed orders placed through the allotment scheme have arrived and are awaiting collection from hut 1.

Collection times are as follows :

Saturday 7th January 2017, 09:00 – 12:00 Andy Theaker will be available to hand out orders (find Andy on plot 91) and Nigel Williams (plot 100) will be available from 12:00 until 14:00h.

Sunday 8th January, 12:00h Tom Paes will be available (plot 78).

Manure Delivery Scheduled

Manure has arrived

We can expect a large load of well rotted farmyard manure to be delivered to the allotments on Monday 24th October 2016.

The cost per barrow-load will be £1.50.

Details of payment methods can be viewed here….

Allotment Tenants Committee Vacancy

The tenants committee is currently without a Chair due to Matthew Chambers standing down from the role. Our thanks go to Matthew for a great job in getting the committee established and all you brought to the role.
Therefore the committee is looking for new members and for someone to take on the role of Chair. The committee as you know are tenants keen to be involved in making the allotment site a successful site for all; including hosting fun events for tenants and working with the parish council in the short, medium and long term to bring additional facilities to the site.
If you would like to get involved we meet once a month except August and December meeting on the first Wednesday of the month at the Wyvern pub from 7pm for approx. an hour. The time commitment is therefore not big and we look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

Please feel free to talk to your committee members on site or drop them an email via the allotment website and we look forward to welcoming you to the next meeting.

Committee Vacancy

Committee Vacancy

Next Inspection

Please note that the next allotment inspection is due to be held during the week commencing 10th October. Please note that the Parish Council will be reviewing the plots as per the Rules and regulations but in particular:
· Tidy plots clear of rubbish
· Safety issues in relation to plots
· Compliant Structures on plots
· Good Cultivation of plots
· Good management of currently uncultivated parts of plots

Please note that 5 plots are currently under offer and it is anticipated that these will be re-let imminently and include 19, 85, 87, 109, 118.


The Parish Council along with committee members are due to meet on site with Taylor Wimpey in early October to discuss further drainage works. There is no date at the moment for when and the extent of the additional works that will be carried out but this is just to let you know that the parish council are continuing to work with Taylor Wimpey to progress this issue.
Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

Claire Inglis
Allotment and Recreation Officer
Church Crookham Parish Council
Tel: 01252 939452

Tuber Splitting – Why?

potato_splitPlot holder David Dimmock has presented us with an interesting question. Potato tuber splitting – why?
Variety; Rocket
Date planted; 1st April 2016
Soil condition; Clay
Additives;  Soil improver as a base dressing

Local gardening expert John Negus has responded with advice; “The usual cause of split tubers is heavy rain after a long dry spell. All you can do is add loads of organic matter to improve the soil’s texture and its water-conserving qualities. Best wishes, John”


John Negus

Research on the internet throws up a range of results – too dry – too wet.
Cultivation problems
Second growth is caused during dry spells in late summer tubers cease to grow only to resume after rain. This can lead to misshapen, split and hollow tubers. Growing drought-resistant cultivars and watering can help to reduce this problem.
Overwatering can result in tuber splitting.
Another of many problems that occur when growing fruit or vegetables is splitting. When growing potatoes this problem can originate in most cases due to the lack of water followed by heavy rain. The same problem can be seen with many fruits such as apples. The solution is to dig into the soil a lot of organic matter such as spent mushroom compost as well as planting mulch in the soil.

Fruit Cage Breakthrough


Members of the committee presented a well-planned proposal to the parish council for fruit cages of a reasonable height to be allowed on plots.
The request was approved (we think unanimously) and an updated set of  regulations is available from the link below.

The relevant extract is as follows :

  • The use of fruit cages / curved cloches is permitted on site up to the height of 2m for the promotion of cultivation ONLY.
  • Structures above 1.5m must not be for storage purposes.
  • The fruit cages must be constructed using see through material without solid roofing.
  • These must be maintained in a tidy state at all times.

Revised Regulations June 2016 (pdf)

Spring 2016 Bring and Buy Sale

On Sunday the 24th April 2016 we held our first Bring and Buy Sale at the allotment site writes Tom Paes.

“Another great opportunity to meet up with allotment members, the cakes were outstanding and a hit with the children.  My seed purchases are under ground already with fingers crossed for a bit of good weather…”

Tom (Plot 78)

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Money Found


Andy Theaker writes “If anyone lost some money on the allotment on Saturday 14th, Andy T on Plot 91 has found it.  If no one claims it, it will go in the blue tin”



On our own behalf..


The Allotments website has been moved from a hosting service in California to an EU company based in Slough. We are still fine-tuning behind the scenes.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Updated 20/05/2016 11:30 CD.



Dogmersfield, Winchfield and Crookham Village Horticultural Society Annual Show 2016

Dogmersfield, Winchfield and Crookham Village Horticultural Society will hold its Annual Flower Show & Fete at Pilcot Farm on Saturday 23rd July at 14:00h.


The annual Flower Show & Fete is held in the delightful setting of Pilcot Farm, Dogmersfield.

Entry to the Show is free to members and all classes of membership are eligible to provide exhibits for the Show.

During March each year, copies of the Show Schedule are distributed to all households within the villages of Dogmersfeld, Winchfied, and Crookham Village. A copy of the Schedule is also delivered to each Associate Member living outside the three villages.

The Schedule is issued during around March each year and the Show is usually held in July. Spare copies of the Schedule can be obtained by contacting one of the committee members.

An Exhibitor’s Entry Form is included in each edition of the Schedule. If you think you would like to try your hand at any of the Show Classes, please have a look at the Show Rules.


13th April Compost Delivery

compostA bulk load of compost was delivered Wednesday (13th).  £2/barrow load, or buy 5 for £8. All money to be paid into blue tin (which will be emptied daily) or pay direct to a committee member or via online banking.

Wood chippings remain at 50p/barrow load.
AmoneyboxYou can pay for compost, bark, manure etc by putting cash in the blue tin or giving it to a committee member. Payments can also be made by electronic bank transfer.

The society’s bank account details are as follows:

30:98:97 A/C 33246660
IBAN: GB25LOYD30989733246660

When making a payment please enter your plot number as the first part of any reference. If space allows, please add reason for payment. e.g. 123 manure 5 barrows

If you use this service, please help us monitor your payment by sending us an email with details to :