Church Crookham Allotments Society Removes Archive

Seven Years’ History to Go

It started here. 7 year archive of Church Crookham history to be removed..

Website Closed

The Church Crookham Allotments Association website is discontinued

The extensive archive since the opening of the allotments will be deleted on 1st October.

Seed orders and Social Media


The seed and potato orders have been received from Kings Seeds and are available for collection from Shed 1 at the site.

If you didn’t order from Kings Seeds this year do remember next year as it helps raise money for the Association and the seeds are very good value for money. The results from them last year were very high.

There will be committee members on site this weekend (27 / 28 January 2018) and Shed 1 will be open for order collection.

Tea and coffee will be available for a donation so that you can keep warm and have a chat to other tenants and committee members.

Church Crookham Allotments seed orders ready

Collect your seeds and join us for refreshments


In addition to the Facebook group at Allotment Facebook Group there is a new Facebook page at Allotment Facebook Page.  This will be updated regularly with information about upcoming events, weather conditions and other hints and tips.

Please feel free to add to the page: it will be a great place to share stories, successes, challenges and pictures.

Members of the committee are always keen to help and advise.

Know your committee : click here…

New Allotments Rules Published

In November 2017, the parish council announced a further revision of the rules
Sections amended are as follows:

  • PLOT SIZES – Just rounding up sizes Section 4,1
  • 3.17 – No Tires (sic), new section
  • 4.6 & 4.7 Reworded and clarification about rent
  • 5.3 Bonfires – Amended to include controlled burn
  • 6.2 Rodents – Clarification
  • Section 14 Responsibilities Update – this section was out of date

To download the full version of the rules (Nov. 2017), please navigate to the About/Allotment Rules section…

Annual Show September 2017

The weather for the autumn show on Sunday 24th September was perfect and members and guests had an enjoyable time. The children particularly had fun making and presenting scarecrows for the competition.

Cooking Display
Committee member Garry Rickard, from plot 26, preparing tasty snacks made from produce provided by various plot holders.
  Click here to view the Annual Show gallery of images…

Committee chairman, Andy Theaker, would like to thank everyone who took part. “Thanks go to everyone who made the Annual Show a success today with a special thank you to Liz Kirton from the Church Crookham Garden Society who judged the excellent produce displayed by our allotment holders. A fun day was enjoyed by all and we took £56.30 from the raffle, quiz and treasure hunt.”

Sally said, “It was a great day and it was good the weather was too. Some of the veg displays where great this year. I really enjoyed Gary’s selection of canapés he cooked for us all using plot holders vegetables.”

Prize winning displays were as follows :

Category Plot Number
Best Flower Display  24
Best Display Overall  100
Best Preserve  99
Best Fruit Selection  48
Best Pumpkin  45
Best Root Vegetable  47
Best Onions  144
Best Scarecrow  47

Photographs by Nigel Williams (plot 100)

Order Your 2018 Seeds and Shrubs Now

2018 Seed and Shrub Catalogue Available

Howard Holden writes : The new Kings Seeds Catalogues and order forms have arrived. They are outside Shed 1 on the table and available inside when the coffee shop is open.
As members of the National Allotments Society we all are entitled to members’ discounts. However, by submitting ONE combined order in October, we receive commission which your committee puts to common use on the allotments.
Browse the catalogue, fill in the form and place orders in box provided.
Please make cheques payable to “Church Crookham Allotments Association”.
When orders arrive (these are sent out at specific planting times) the committee will let you know.

Help Generate Funds for the Allotments

If you require any help or advice, please email Howard at seeds@ccallotments.org.uk or speak to any committee member. We will be pleased to help.

The Kings Seed Catalogue is also available to browse online – but for the time-being – please use the paper form.

July 2017 newsletter

Andy Theaker writes : Hope all is well, apart from lack of water, too much water, too hot, too cold, too windy, too sunny and those pesky pigeons / mice / rats / pea moths / cabbage whites, munching away at our hard earned produce!

A lot has happened since we took over the allotments in the spring of 2015 which was one of the wettest years since records began. I remember turning up one cold and frosty morning in early 2015 and seeing my plot (91) submerged under 6” (15cm) of water and asking my neighbouring plot holder; “What have we let ourselves in for?”

But things got better and better, I was amazed to see how much produce was harvested that first year, and the allotments went from strength to strength. Throughout 2016 the allotments flourished and now, this year, the vast majority of us are reaping the rewards from all our hard work and efforts. The strawberry harvest has been particularly splendid this year.

Claire Inglis from the Parish Council has left her role as allotment liason officer and with it, committee treasurer. Many thanks Claire for all your support since the committee was founded. The group is now looking for a new treasurer, someone who must be able to count and attend our occasional meetings. If you are interested, it really is not a chore, please let a committee member know. A list of all committee members can be viewed here : ccallotments.org.uk/about/committee/meet-the-committee/

Please make a note in your diaries for the Church Crookham Allotments Annual Show which will take place on Sunday 24th September from 12 noon. Includes:
Produce Competition
Raffle – Quiz
Scarecrow Competition
& fun for the kids
A chance to meet your fellow allotment holders. Keep checking the website and notice boards for more information.

Due to popular demand, the Shed1 Coffee Shop will open Saturdays and Sundays for the remainder of the summer. 10:00 onwards.

See details of this really useful support on our website. Unfortunately the on-site A4 printed posters detailed an incorrect email address. A clickable e-mail link is available.

Andy is chair of the Church Crookham Allotments Association

Shed Coffee Shop Extended Opening

Due to popular demand, the Shed1 Coffee Shop will open Saturdays and Sundays for the remainder of the summer.

10:00 Onwards

Members of the Church Crookham Allotments Association committee will open up and be on hand to serve coffee and tea from shed 1. The weekend sessions will also double as an opportunity for plot holders to get to know committee members and exchange help and advice with each other.

Seeds, plant-pots and plants will also be on sale. All proceeds will go to site funds.


MYHarvest (Measure Your Harvest)

The National Allotment Society is asking for help in a research project to understand the yield of typical UK fruit and vegetable crops.

MYHarvest (Measure Your Harvest), is an opportunity to participate in an exciting research project that will estimate the contribution people who grow their own fruit and vegetable crops are making to UK national food production. www.myharvest.org.uk

At present, there is a recognition that own-growing in the UK makes a really important contribution to food security, healthy diets and general well-being, but we currently have a poor understanding of how much own-grown food people are able to produce. This will be key to providing the vital evidence base to support the use of land for growing spaces within our cities and towns, at a time when people are becoming increasingly interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables and UK food security could potentially become threatened by trading barriers.

The National Allotment Society is supporting the research team at the University of Sheffield who are working with members of the public growing food in allotments, gardens and other own-growing spaces across the UK to understand the yield of typical UK fruit and vegetable crops.

By providing the team with the area of land they use to grow a crop and the weight of the crop they harvest participants would be:

1.     Contributing to a first national estimate of own-grown food production in the 21st century.

2.     Helping us to understand how much allotment and garden space we need in the future to ensure sufficient access for the growing number of people in our cities and towns.

Twitter: @myharvestuk

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/MYHarvestUK


Di Appleyard

ADI Mentor, Marketing and PR Co-ordinator for the National Allotment Society
0845 815 0076
O’Dell House, Hunters Road,  Corby NN17 5JE

Tel: 01536 266576 www.nsalg.org.uk

download flyer MYHarvestUK FLYER
Click on the PDF icon on the left to view or download the MYHarvest Flyer pdf… (download…)