Allotment Rules

Church Crookham Allotments Association Rules & Regulations
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In November 2017, the allotments association rules were further updated
Sections amended are as follows:

  • PLOT SIZES – Just rounding up sizes Section 4,1
  • 3.17 – No Tires (sic), new section
  • 4.6 & 4.7 Reworded and clarification about rent
  • 5.3 Bonfires – Amended to include controlled burn
  • 6.2 Rodents – Clarification
  • Section 14 Responsibilities Update – this section was out of date

In June 2016, the allotments association rules were revised to clarify the use of growing frames up to 2 metres.

  • The use of fruit cages / curved cloches is permitted on site up to the height of 2m for the promotion of cultivation ONLY.
  • Structures above 1.5m must not be for storage purposes.
  • The fruit cages must be constructed using see through material without solid roofing.
  • These must be maintained in a tidy state at all times.

Mini Digger Guidelines

Mini Diggers can make short work of digging over an allotment plot but when they are being operated in relatively confined spaces with other people working in close proximity it is important that a safe working environment is maintained. Even the smallest ones are powerful machines that weigh nearly a tonne (t) and can be dangerous.

The Parish Council has insurance that covers it for damage or injuries caused by the Parish Council. There is no insurance policy in place for plot holders on the allotments site and we all use the site at our own risk.

It is imperative that Public Liability Insurance is in place if you want to bring machinery on site. A reputable contractor should have this and you should ask to see their insurance certificate.


  1. The digger and driver shall be accompanied and supervised at all times.
  2. Where a group of plot holders get together to organise the digging of several plots they may delegate responsibility for supervision of the digger and driver between them so that they can cover for someone who is unable to get to the site.
  3. The digger footprint must be no more than 900mm wide to protect the edges of the paths and other plots.
  4. Protective boards must be put down on corners to prevent damage to the paths when the digger is turning.
  5. The plot holder must keep other people away from the working area and put up warning tape around the plot.
  6. Work can only be carried out during the working week as it’s quieter and fewer children are around.
  7. The plot holder must notify neighbouring plots to let them know where and when work is being carried out.
  8. Plot holders must also put a notification on the noticeboard of the relevant shed and email the Church Crookham Allotments Association at the email address below so that the website can be updated.





Mini Digger Guidelines
Click on the PDF icon on the left to view or download the CC Allotments Mini Digger Guidelines document. (PDF 59 KB)

  Health and Safety Executive : What you need to do
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