2018 Season Coffee Shop


Due to popular demand, the Shed1 Coffee Shop will open Saturdays and Sundays for the remainder of the 2018 season.

10:00 Onwards

Members of the Church Crookham Allotments Association committee will open up and be on hand to serve coffee and tea from shed 1. The weekend sessions will also double as an opportunity for plot holders to get to know committee members and exchange help and advice with each other. If there is no committee member having coffee, please check their plots as having a chat is part of having an allotment. We are all here to help.

Seeds, plant-pots and plants will also be on sale. All proceeds will go to site funds.

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Hints and Tips February 2021


Our sister organisation, Church Crookham Garden Society, is pleased to share monthly “Hint and Tips” via their lively website.

February involves pruning many late flowering shrubs to encourage new flowering shoots, for example:

A useful tip for Wisteria – 7 &2.  In the 7th month prune back new growth to 7 buds and in the 2nd month (now) prune these shoots back to 2 buds; you can also cut out some tangled old wood.

Winter jasmine can be cut back after flowers have fade to 5cm/2” from a main stem.

Late-flowering clematis can be cut down to a strong pair of buds about 30cm/12” from the ground. This will stimulate the new growth that bears the flowers.

Hydrangeas: leave mophead hydrangeas until March before dead-heading, they flower on last year’s growth, but prune Hydrangea paniculata to an open framework now because they flower on current season’s growth.

Bush roses can be encouraged by pruning back to outward facing buds late in the month

Fuchsias should be cut hard back to 15cm/6” and Santolina and Lavatera to low, well-placed branches

After pruning, a top-dressing of compost or general fertiliser should be applied.

Sowing seeds

Under cover, sow tomatoes, lettuce, sweet-peas, chillies and peppers.

Under cloches, broad beans, cabbages, parsnips, beetroot.

Plant shallot sets and garlic cloves, if you did not do so in the Autumn.

Tidy up

Cut down the top growth of herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses to make room for new shoots.


Feed your fruit bushes and trees with a high potash or general fertiliser.

Autumn-fruiting raspberry canes can be cut to the ground and summer-fruiting canes thinned out.

Adjacent Treeworks Restrict Allotments Access


Malcolm Thompson writes :


Please note that there is tree felling work due to take place around the allotment site perimeter commencing 24th September.

For safety reasons we ask that visitors to the location to access the allotment and regular walkers in the locality try to avoid the area over the following dates and times.

  • Thursday 24th & Friday 25th Felling work
  • Monday 28th Felling work
  • On Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th the grassed area adjacent to the footpath, the footpath around the allotment, the allotment carpark and potentially the tarmac road just before the allotment turning will need to be closed off.
  • Tuesday 29th Tractor on site to move felled trees to alongside the allotment car park
  • Tuesday 29th Artic lorry on site from 12pm (12:00h) to load felled trees and again at 3pm to complete this task – 2 hours approx. each time to load
  • Wednesday 30th 2 lorries on site to carry out chipping work
  • Thursday 1st October – work to tidy up the location

The Community Centre Carpark is only a few minutes walk from the Allotments site and should be used as an alternative to the Allotment carpark on 29th and 30th Sept.

Apologies for this inconvenience.

Church Crookham Parish Council